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Table 2,00m = 150€ instead of 200€

Table 1,50m - 100€ instead of 150€

REGISTRATION DEAD LINE to benefit from these rates: SEPTEMBER 2023

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Upon receipt of your reservation / payment, a form will be sent to you with the information necessary to formalize your registration and in particular to confirm your participation in SIMP.


  • Table 1.50m  :         € 150  (1 badge +1 chair included for the reservation of one or more tables) - Paypal / Stripe fees not included

  • Table 2.00m:           € 200  (2 badges +2 chairs included for the reservation of one or more tables) -  Paypal / Stripe fees not included

  • Additional badge:  € 15 per unit -  Paypal / Stripe fees not included

  • Invitation:               € 7 - Entrance at 10:30 am - Processing fee offered


Advertising in the catalog:  

In order to promote the show, communication operations will be carried out (flyers, posters, advertising, website, press kit, etc.), exhibitors are invited to provide one or more photographs of their miniatures, implicitly accepting the use of the one (s) here for this purpose.

A catalog (H21cm / L15cm - A5) in four-color process will be given to each visitor at the entrance. She will present the exhibitors (contact details as shown on the registration form (according to your agreement), description of the activity, stand number) as well as the show map and various useful information. If you wish to insert an advertisement, please consult the prices below and transfer your choice to the contract.

To have your ad published in the SIMP 2023 exhibitor catalog, only five dimensions are possible.


  • A Full page size: 200 mm (height) x 138 mm (width)                Price: € 75 + € 2.65 Paypal / Stripe fees

  • B Half page size: 98 mm (height) x 138 mm (width)                  Price: € 42 + € 1.65 Paypal / Stripe fees

  • C Quarter page size: 98 mm (height) x 66.5 mm (width)           Price: € 22 incl.VAT + € 1.05 Paypal / Stripe fees

  • D Quarter page size (2): 46.25 mm (height) x 138 mm (width)  Price: € 22 incl.VAT + € 1.05 Paypal / Stripe fees

  • E Eighth page size: 46.5 mm (height) x 66.5 mm (width)           Price: € 12 incl.VAT + € 0.75 Paypal / Stripe fees


To send your files, please send them to us with an image resolution of 300 dpi (or high quality). Any lower resolution will affect the quality of your ad.


The accepted file formats are: jpeg, pdf, eps, or png (no word file). Any file that does not take into account the dimension or file format criteria mentioned above will not be processed. If you want your photo to be retouched by our graphic designer, he will charge you the sum of € 8.60 per file. This amount will need to be added to your payment.


The files must be provided to at the same time as your registration.

Advertising on the site:

A special section on the SIMP site is dedicated to exhibitors participating in our shows. Your personal page will be created and fans of miniatures and dollhouses can find:

  • Your story as a miniaturist

  • Photos of your creations

  • Your contact details


Your information will remain online from January to December 2024 for the sum of 12 € + 0.75 Paypal / Stripe fees


If you wish to reserve your personal page, please send us:

  • A text presenting your background as a miniaturist (in French, English and Spanish)

  • A photo of your creations in .png or .jpg format, possibly in .pdf (with crop marks) or .gif (in very high resolution), minimum 300 dpi (pixels / inches) and minimum 900x560px (length x width). Photos that do not meet these criteria will not be processed.

  • Your contact details

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